About 2.3gallery

The 2.3gallery opened the doors of the first gallery in London in 1987. It is located in a historic, listed structure designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1922 on Piccadilly. The first exhibition was a massive installation by Paul McCarthy.

The gallery has three exhibition rooms, the North Gallery, the West Gallery, and the South Gallery. It regularly holds a wide range of meaningful events such as talks with artists, film screenings and workshops, along with its multi-functional exhibition program. The 2.3gallery accommodates the archive, library, and gallery shop under one roof. The shop offers a diverse variety of books specially published for our gallery. They are historic exhibition catalogs, monographs, artists’ books, collections of artists’ writings and catalogs raisonnés, apart from a great collection of artists' famous works, and perfectly-crafted items from local craftsmen.


Pamela Brown


Tom Cooper

Director Assistantmoc.liame%40repooc

Steve Hunter

Senior Directormoc.liame%40retnuh

Chris Newman


Jane Stone


Elizabeth King

Assistant Registrarmoc.liame%40gnik

Steve Robertson


Daisy Smith



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